Automatic Ice Maker Shut Off Valve

   Icemaker Box Shut Off Valve

Smart Valve Shutoff Kit Detects Leaks

  • Prevent expensive water damage to your home and belongings
  • Water sensor triggers alarm and shuts off water immediately in the event of a leak
  • Installs in minutes, professional installation is not required
  • Two output contact wires make is easy to integrate with INSTEON



Avoid costly water damage repairs with the FloodStop FS1/4C Icemaker/Water Filter Valve Shutoff Kit with Water Leak Prevention functionality. Designed for both residential and commercial dwellings, this kit uses an automatic 1/4-inch compression fitting motorized ball valve powered by an AC/DC adaptor (or 4 AA batteries) to shut off the water supply whenever a water filter or ice maker leaks. When using the AC/DC adaptor, the 4 AA batteries will serve as a battery backup in case of a power outage.The non-intrusive devices can be installed in as little as 10 minutes and does not require a professional installer.

This kit includes everything needed to protect your property from costly water-leak damage: a valve installed on the water intake valve, a water sensor to be placed on the floor, and the control unit, which is mounted to your wall with the included screws. In addition, the FS1/4C also has a built-in audible alarm that will sound off an alert when a leak is detected. The included control unit has two output contact wires and plugs with 6" leads and can easily integrate into an INSTEON or X10 based network.