iSmart Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor 

Monitor for movement anywhere within 30 feet

The PIR Motion Sensor is an essential part of your home security, and monitors for movement in a 90° field of view up to 30 feet away. When movement is detected, your Motion Sensor communicates with the CubeOne™ to send you notifications and/or set off the alarm siren immediately. It is wireless, battery-powered (3 AA), and easily mounted on the wall with double-sided adhesive.  (CubeOne required)


About Motion Sensors

Adding Motion Sensors to your iSmartAlarm Home Security System provides additional security throughout your home.  The sensor instantly notifies the system of movement in any area of the home, and can trigger the CubeOne™’s 110 dB siren to frighten away intruders.  With motion detection capabilities up to 30 feet away, you can adjust the sensitivity settings and angles of the sensor to best fit your needs and lifestyle. 

Up to 80 Sensors can be added to the self-monitored, self-controlled wireless security system, and iSmartAlarm has no monthly fees or contracts to worry about. The iSmartAlarm app allows you to arm, disarm and monitoryour security system from your iPhone and Android device at any time, from anywhere. If you need additional security for your iSmartAlarm DIY Smart Home Security System, Motion Sensors are a great way to cover large areas and will give you the protection you need.  

Motion Sensor

The PIR Motion Sensor is an essential part of your home security; and monitors for move... [More]

Price: $34.99