Dual Rotating Night Vision Dashboard Camera w/ Motion & Crash Sensor

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It’s advanced features include two 720P HD cameras that rotate 180 degrees to record front, back and side views inside or outside your vehicle in sharp, HD video quality.

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Dual Rotating Cameras Record 1080P HD 1920×720 + Audio Each camera is adjustable to record front, side and rear view from inside your vehicle. The left and right cameras will record at 1280×720 each, and when used in dual mode, both will record at a total resolution of 1920×720. With 4x digital zoom, 1.3 mega-pixel camera lens and built-in microphone, all your recordings will be sharp & crisp, perfectly synched with the audio. All video is recorded to an SD card, (not included) with override recording that records over the oldest footage when it gets to the end. 180° Rotation + 120° Super Wide Viewing Angle Since each camera can rotate an incredible 180 degrees, you’ll have no problem adjusting the view capture a complete view in and around your vehicle. Both cameras can be adjusted independently of each other to provide maximum control over the view simultaneously. IR Night Vision Sees In The Dark Each camera comes equipped with 4 high power IR sensors that enable the camera to record in complete darkness Built In 2.7 LCD Monitor For Instant Viewing When you need instant playback of either camera, the built-in LCD monitor allows split screen or single screen playback of the action that was just recorded. Crash G-Sensors Activate Instant Pre-Recording Upon Accidents Advanced crash sensor automatically save and lock video taken just before and after a crash, so you’ll be sure to have a complete retelling of exactly what happened for insurance purposes. Upon G-Sensor activation there is a 10-second buffer that is recorded before the incident occurs. Motion Activated Parking Mode Activates When You’re Not There There is a special feature called parking mode. When you leave your car in a parking lot, when enabled, your camera will remain in sleep mode, ready to wake up and start recording the instant it detections any motion. This way if someone approaches your car from the outside, or a parking attendant enters when the’re not supposed to, you’ll have clear evide

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