Lawmate Cellphone Holder Hidden Camera w/ Night Vision

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Capture 1080p video in the dark from an ordinary looking cellphone holder. Great for nanny monitoring or uber drivers who need that extra level of proof in case things go awry.

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Record Stunning 1080P HD In Complete Darkness Need surveillance in your car, truck, van or RV? Keep track of anyone inside ANY vehicle type. Our Cellphone Holder Hidden Camera is the best choice for covert surveillance in any thing with wheels! This high quality covert camera looks and works like a commonly purchased automobile cell phone holder. What makes it even better is that it mounts on your dash – the perfect location in your car to capture the highest quality covert video footage you need! Just how high quality is the covert video camera recording? 1080P with a 66 degree viewing angle to be exact! This ensures you will capture the most area. Motion Activated Recording Captures All The Action Capture & watch only the action while conserving the battery life when using motion activation recording. No more sitting through hours of video watching an empty room. The built in PIR motion sensor will detect body heat nearby to activate the recording onto the internal DVR. The motion detection mode will record in multiple video clips until motion stops. This ensures you’ll never miss a thing. You can also push the button to instantly start recording all the time. Invisible Night Vision Sensor Capture Video In Darkness Automatically, the device will instantly enable the night vision mode and capture subjects within the vehicle as soon as its dark enough. There will be no obvious red lights to give away that you are recording in darkness that cheaper products use because of older, outdated technology. Note: when in night vision mode, the video being recorded is black and white. Record Weeks Of HD Video Onto A Removable SD Card Using the included 16GB SD card, you’ll get hours of continuous video, or with motion activation mode only, you’ll never run out of video memory. The choice is yours. Additionally, you’ll be able to “hot-swap” SD cards by easily removing a filled up one, and replacing it with a fresh blank card. This way you’ll quickly be able to br

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