Solar Powered Birdhouse Night Vision Hidden Camera w/ DVR & Battery


Disguised as an ordinary birdhouse, get stunning 720p motion activated recording of all activity with a 20 hour battery that can get continuous power charges from the solar panel. This works outdoors to capture the action outside when you’re not home. It’s great for extreme remote locations where plug-in power is not an option for you.

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Weatherproof Birdhouse Records Stunning 720p HD Video All the video being recorded is in crisp & clear HD quality color. This ensures you’ll be able to make out all the details of activity in the room you’re recording. In addition, the camera lens is a true 800 TV Line CCD camera lens that shoots wide Field of View so you’ll be able to see a wide view of the area, edge to edge without missing a thing. All the video is recorded in avi format using h.264 compression with time/date stamped files for easy saving, emailing or playback on your PC or Mac computer. It records 720p resolution video. Either record continuously or use the motion detection setting. The handy auto-overwrite feature makes it easy to use on a daily basis. Rechargeable Solar Battery Continuously Provides Power As long as there is sunshine, this will continuously charge, so running out of power is never an issue. This system comes with an extendable solar charger that gives you up to 20 hours of continuous juice on a single charge. Solar panel can be mounted on birdhouse or comes with 8 foot cable to mount separate from it. When you need to either quickly drop-and-go your hidden camera or place it in an area where outlets are not an option, look no further. Invisible Night Vision Capture Video In Darkness Up To 15′ Away Automatically, the device will instantly enable the night vision mode and capture subjects up to 15 feet away using powerful invisible 850nm IR lamp LED sensors as soon as its dark enough. There will be no obvious red lights to give away that you are recording in darkness that cheaper products use because of older, outdated technology. Note: when in night vision mode, the video being recorded is black and white. Record Weeks Of HD Video Onto A Removable SD Card Using a 32MB SD card, you’ll get hours of continuous video, or with motion activation mode only, you’ll never run out of video memory. The choice is yours. It’s easy to capture weeks to months of h

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