The Smarthome SELECT SecureLinc 2 Wireless Home Security System with Internal GSM is an all-in-one wireless home security system that brings an entirely new level of versatility, connectivity and style to the world of home security. It lets homeowners view and control their homes from anywhere via any web browser or mobile phone, delivering ease of use and reliability, in an elegant, contemporary design.


Complete Wireless Alarm System with Built-in GSM Cellular Communication

  • Professional design with DIY LCD screen user interface
  • Completely wireless installation and RF communication - no hardwiring between devices
  • Supports up to 3 partitions and multiple common areas (optional)
  • Event reporting to: monitoring stations, SMS messages, e-mail, web apps, mobile and landline phones
  • 28 wireless zones with additional 2 hardwired ports, 1 siren port and 1 PGM port
  • Communicates over a land phone line and the GSM cellular network
  • Integrated X10 interface for optional home automation control

The Smarthome SELECT SecureLinc 2 Wireless Home Security System's intelligent, professional grade architecture delivers exceptionally robust performance, starting with a fast and easy installation and setup. With its built-in PSTN communicator and X10 home control interface, and the GSM communications module, it offers outstanding flexibility: homeowners can select the home security system that matches their requirements and budget; and service providers gain the perfect platform for offering web-based security solutions. You can control X10 compatible devices in X10 mode; please note however, X10 control requires the use of an X10 PSC04 or PSC05 module, no longer available on

The system is equipped with a partitioning feature that can divide the alarm system into four distinct areas identified as Partition 1 through 4. Partitioning can be used in installations where shared security systems are more practical, such as a home office or warehouse building. When partitioned, each zone, each user code and many of your system's features can be assigned to Partition 1 to 4. Note: Proximity tags are not compatible for use when partition is enabled.

Adding the unique internal PowerLink module turns Smarthome SecureLinc 2 into a fully managed web-based security and home control solution. This solution includes real-time camera surveillance and home control, alarm time image verification, mobile phone and email event notifications, and much more. Homeowners can be logged in to the system via any web browser.

Breeze through installation using intuitive menus, voice prompts, icon-based keypad and status notifications.


This Smarthome SELECT SecureLinc 2 Wireless Home Security System features an internal GSM module that enables the main SecureLinc 2 security system to operate over a cellular network. It provides 2-way voice communication that allows for local and remote programming over Telephone and GSM/GPRS connections and can respond to SMS commands from any cellular telephone. Each of the channels can be separately enabled or disabled in order to allow or prohibit the module from using it for the event reporting and it can be programmed as primary, back-up or dual reporting with either PSTN or Broadband. For the many homes that no longer maintain a landline, the GSM Modem for Web-Enabled Security Kits allows operation over a cellular network instead of a telephone network, providing communication to the central station or private numbers with or without POTS lines.

Want Wireless Surveillance as Well?

If you'd like to add a wireless surveillance camera to your home as well, we recommend the Smarthome Wireless IP Camera (SKU 75790), sold separately, to provide maximum security. Smarthome also offers an Outdoor Wireless IP Camera (SKU 75791)