Wireless Baby Monitors Camera

With This Wireless Baby Monitor Camera You Can Monitor Your Baby's Sounds and Movements from Almost Anywhere Using Your Smartphone

The Insteon Wireless Baby Monitoring/Camera System will provide you with the confidence that your child is resting peacefully. Unlike most baby monitors that restrict the users to one monitor and one receiver, the Wireless Baby Monitoring/Camera System allows you to monitor from your smartphone, tablet computer, laptop or desktop. You can also configure the product so your spouse, parents, neighbors or anyone you chose can check in from their Internet enabled device.

As a stand-alone monitor, you can hear and see your baby in daytime or complete darkness, as the product has infrared (IR) night vision. You can also program the system to email you every time motion is sensed, which is perfect when reviewing your child's sleeping habits with your obstetrician or pediatrician.

INSTEON Wireless Baby Monitoring/Camera System with Infrared Night Vision

The Insteon Wireless Baby Monitoring/Camera System isn't shaped like a angel and doesn't play cute lullabies - we were searching for the smartest solution rather than the cutest. If you want substance over form, then this product is exactly what you are looking for:

  • Grandma Cam - let your parents share in watching your baby grow; set times when they can or can't view for privacy
  • Bigger is better - since the system isn't tied to one small receiver, you can monitor your baby through any item with access to the Internet such as a smartphone, laptop, iPad or tablet PC...even a TV connected to the Internet!
  • Document your baby's sleeping patterns - receive a time and date stamped email every time your baby moves so you can know if or how often your baby rolls onto his or her stomach (remember tummy to play, back to sleep)
  • Range - most baby monitors provide a range with which you can monitor your baby (usually measured in feet); this item works through WiFi, so as long as you have an Internet connection, you can monitor your child from anywhere
  • Great for traveling parents - if one parent has to travel a lot for work, they can still log in to see how the baby is sleeping
  • Expandable - add multiple cameras to the room so you can watch the baby from every possible angle

Having a child is one of the greatest moments in one's life. It also happens to be a time of significant stress, compounded with lack of sleep. Let the Insteon Wireless Baby Monitoring/Camera System add an extra set of eyes to your baby's life and development.

INSTEON Wireless Baby Monitoring/Camera System with Infrared Night Vision